Montana Cooperative Fishery Research Unit

Part of the US Geological Survey, Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units Program – Montana Cooperative Fishery Research Unit is in the Department of Ecology, Fish and Wildlife Ecology and Management Program at Montana State University. Research at the Montana Cooperative Fishery Research Unit is problem oriented and provides our Cooperators (Montana State University; Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks; U.S. Geological Survey; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service) and other agencies with useful and practical information needed to understand and manage fishery resources in the Rocky Mountains and northern Great Plains.

Our Mission

Graduate Education

We train the future fisheries and aquatic sciences work force through graduate education. We advise M.S. and Ph.D. students conducting applied research.


We conduct research that is applied and focuses on the needs of our Cooperators and Partners.

Technical Assistance

We provide technical assistance to our Cooperators and Partners through workshops and committee assignments.

Unit Staff

Unit staff advance the training and education of graduate students in fisheries science at Montana State University by teaching up to one graduate-level course per year, chairing graduate committees of Unit students, and serving on graduate committees of non-Unit students.

Al Zale

Unit Leader, Professor

Christopher Guy

Assistant Unit Leader, Professor

Helpful Resources

Writing Tips

A collection of technical writing tips compiled by Dr. Zale.

Job Guide

Useful tips on how to surpass the competition when looking for a job or graduate research assistantship.  

R Quick Start Guide

A beginner’s guide to data management, writing code in R, and creating beautiful graphics.

Podcast – Today’s Voices of Conservation Science

The science that is needed to conserve everything from alpine meadows to great white sharks is covered here as we interview young and seasoned scientists that are passionate about their profession and what they are studying.

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