The Cooperative Research Units were created to enhance graduate education in fisheries and wildlife sciences and facilitate cooperative research among federal and state natural resource agencies and universities on topics of mutual concern. 

The Montana Cooperative Fishery Research Unit specializes in native fish species restoration and management, invasive species ecology and suppression, large-river fish assemblages, sport fishery management, and regulated-river and reservoir fisheries.

Our Current Statement of Direction:

Research of the Montana Cooperative Fishery Research Unit will continue to focus on applied fisheries-management problems and issues. Our studies are initiated in response to the needs of the Cooperators and other management agencies and are designed to provide information useful in directly improving management of aquatic resources. Technical areas of special emphasis include habitat associations and requirements of fishes, large-river fish assemblages, native aquatic community restoration, effects of exotic fishes on native species, and regulated-river and reservoir fisheries. Other topics will be addressed as needed, in keeping with the Cooperative Research Program’s mission to best meet the needs of the Cooperators by remaining flexible and open to new areas of inquiry, as exemplified by our current emphasis on prairie streams. When Cooperator’s needs occur outside our areas of expertise, we will recruit the assistance of appropriate University faculty. Unit staff will advance the training and education of graduate students in fisheries science at Montana State University by teaching up to one graduate-level course per year, chairing graduate committees of Unit students, and serving on graduate committees of non-Unit students. In-service training will be provided to Cooperators and other agencies as the need exists.


Cooperative Agreement

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