Current Students:



5DM35667Daniel Kaus (M.S.)

Thesis Topic:  Feasibility of walleye suppression in Buffalo Bill Reservoir, Wyoming






 Previous Students:

Montana Cooperative Fishery Research Unit

Jake Williams (M.S. 2018)






Jan Boyer (M.S. 2016)IMGP0587

Thesis Title:  Spawning and early life history of mountain whitefish in the Madison River, Montana.

Jan accepted a job in Alaska shortly after graduating.

Jan has worked on fish and wildlife projects in seven different states, and has sampled fish in everything from seasonal desert washes to large tidal rivers.  She is particularly interested in native fish conservation and aquatic habitat restoration.




Sean Lewandoski (M.S. 2015)

Thesis Title: Exploitation of burbot Lota lota in the Wind River Drainage, Wyoming

Sean accepted a job in Alaska shortly after graduating and is now with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Michigan.



Johns SysloJohn Syslo (Ph.D. 2015)

Dissertation Title:  Dynamics of Yellowstone cutthroat trout and lake trout in the Yellowstone Lake ecosystem: a case study for the ecology and management of non-native fishes

Dr. Syslo accepted a post-doc at Michigan State University immediately after graduation.

John grew up in Maryland but received most of my education in Montana, obtaining both his M.S. and Ph.D. at Montana State University. For his M.S. thesis, he studied the population dynamics of non-native lake trout in Yellowstone Lake, Yellowstone National Park, in relation to nearly 15 years of suppression through gill-net    harvest. His dissertation research expanded on my previous work by assessing the feeding ecology of Yellowstone cutthroat trout and lake trout, estimating abundance, mortality, and other key population parameters, and developing simulation models to assess the potential response of both populations to continued lake trout suppression.

Initial Employment:  Post-doc at Michigan State University


sjbanner glacier-5491-2

Carter Fredenberg (M.S. 2014; Co-advised by Dr. Clint Muhlfeld)

Thesis Title:  Efficacy of Suppressing Non-Native Lake Trout in an Isolated Backcountry Lake in Glacier National Park

Initial Employment:  Glacier National Park



Ben Galloway (M.S. 2014; Co-advised by Dr. Clint Muhlfeld)

Thesis Title: Feasibility Assessment for Translocation of Imperiled Bull Trout Population in Glacier National Park, Montana

Initial Employment: Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife


Ryan Richards (M.S. 2011)

Thesis Title:  Movement Scaphirhynchus Species in the Missouri River above Fort Peck Reservoir

Initial Employment: Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks


Benjamin Cox (M.S. 2010)

Assessment of an Invasive Lake Trout Population in Swan Lake, Montana

Initial Employment: University of Idaho


John Syslo (M.S. 2010)

Thesis Title:  Demography of Lake Trout in Relation to Population Suppression in Yellowstone Lake, Yellowstone National Park

Initial Employment: Ph.D. program at Montana State University


Mariah Talbott (M.S. 2010; Co-advised by Dr. Molly Webb)

Thesis Title:  Determining Ripeness in White Sturgeon Females to Maximize Yield and Quality of Caviar

Initial Employment:  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


Lora Tennant (M.S. 2010; Co-advised by Dr. Robert Gresswell)

Thesis Title:  Spawning and Early Life-History Characteristics of Bull Trout in a Headwater-Lake Ecosystem

Initial Employment:  Utah State University


Benjamin Goodman (M.S. 2009)

Thesis Title:  Ichthyoplankton Density and Shovelnose Sturgeon Spawning in Relation to Varying Discharge Treatments

Initial Employment:  Pacific Northwest National Laboratory


Michael Meeuwig (Ph.D. 2008)

Dissertation Title:  Ecology of Lacustrine-Adfluvial Bull Trout Populations in an Interconnected System of Natural Lakes

Initial Employment:  Post-doc, University of Nevada-Reno


James Boyd (M.S. 2008)

Thesis Title:  Effects of Water Temperature and Angling on Mortality of Salmonids in Montana Streams

Initial Employment:  Pacific Northwest National Laboratory


Jason Mullen (M.S. 2007; Co-advised by Dr. Robert Bramblett)

Thesis Title:  Spatiotemporal Variation in Fish Assemblages in Montana Prairie Streams

Initial Employment:  GEI Consultants, Inc.


Eric Oldenburg (M.S. 2008)

Thesis Title:  Effects of Acclimation on Post-stocking Dispersal of Age-1 Pallid Sturgeon

Initial Employment:  Pacific Northwest National Laboratory



Kiza Gates (M.S. 2007)

Thesis Title:  Myxospore Detection in Soil and Angler Movement in Southwestern Montana: Implications for Whirling Disease Transport

Initial Employment:  Ph.D. program at Montana State University


Melissa Wuellner (M.S. 2007; Co-advised with Dr. Robert Bramblett)

Thesis Title:  Influence of Reach and Watershed Characteristics on Fish Distributions in Small Streams of Eastern Montana

Initial Employment:  Ph.D. program at South Dakota State University


Brian Bellgraph (M.S. 2006)

Thesis Title:  Competition Potential Between Sauger and Walleye in Non-native Sympatry: Historical Trends and Resource Overlap in the Middle Missouri River, Montana

Initial Employment:  Pacific Northwest National Laboratory


Andy Dux (M.S. 2005)

Thesis Title:  Distribution and Habitat Use of Lake Trout in Lake McDonald

Initial Employment:  Wyoming Game and Fish Department


Paul Gerrity (M.S. 2005)

Thesis Title:  Habitat Use, Movements, Growth, and Food Habits of Juvenile Stocked Pallid Sturgeon and Indigenous Shovelnose Sturgeon

Initial Employment:  Wyoming Game and Fish Department


Nathan Olson (M.S. 2004)

Thesis Title:  Food Habits of Hybrid Striped Bass in Harlan County Reservoir

Initial Employment:  Minnesota Department of Natural Resources


Previous Students at Kansas State University

Stan Proboszcz (M.S. 2003)

Michael Quist (M.S. 1998; Ph.D. 2002)

Sally Schrank (M.S. 2000)

Travis Horton (M.S. 2000)

Jeffry Tripe (M.S. 2000)

Patrick Braaten (Ph.D. 2000)

Matthew Burlingame (M.S. 1997)

Jeff Tillma (M.S. 1997)

Jennifer Wiens (M.S. 1996)


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