Fisheries Science (WILD 510)

(Taught in the spring semester of even years.)

Course Description:  Advanced study of theory and techniques related to fisheries science. Emphasis will be placed on data analyses needed to support management practices.

Course Objectives:

  • To gain an understanding of sampling needs, structured decision-making, and adaptive management.

  • To better understand the dynamic rate functions (i.e., recruitment, growth, and mortality) and population dynamics of fish populations.

  • To establish an understanding of indices and associated assumptions commonly used in fisheries science.

  • To understand exploitation and harvest regulations.

  • To develop an understanding of predator-prey relationships in aquatic systems.

  • To apply ecological principles to answer questions in fisheries science.

  • To develop an appreciation for the interdependence of fisheries research and management.

 Course materials are available on D2L.



Communications in Ecological Sciences (BIO 555)

(Taught in the spring semester.)

Course Description:  This course will allow students to gain experience presenting scientific information using a variety of communication methods.

Course Objectives:

  • Develop an understanding of the variety of communication methods used by scientists.

  • Gain experience in presenting scientific information in a variety of formats for both nonprofessional and professional audiences.

  • Provide an atmosphere that promotes collegiality among all sub-disciplines in the Department of Ecology.

Course materials are available on D2L.

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